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You may have never heard of one, but there are garage door screens available. They are great if you work in your garage a lot and would like some natural light and fresh air. A Cleveland garage door screen will also help keep out all insects while working in your garage during the day. They are mounted to the outside frame of the door and are very easy to install. You do not need any tools, and everything you do need is included in the installation kit. Here are some directions on how to mount one correctly the first time.

  • Prep the Area: You will want to ensure that there is no debris in or around the area that the screen will be mounted. This includes peeling paint or even loose wood pieces. An easy way to ensure that everything is smooth is by sanding the area lightly. You can also use a high powered hose to get off any extra dirt in the area. You want to make sure it is clean and smooth so that the adhesive tape sticks really well to the frame.
  • Mark your Spot: You will not want to unroll your residential garage door screen. You then will hold the screen approximately an inch above the door. Before marking where to hang the hooks, you will want to open and close the garage door to ensure that the screen is not in the way. Once you have ensured that the door can still open and close smoothly you will then mark small lines where your screen will hang.
  • Attach Adhesive Tape and Hooks: Next, you should start to unroll the self adhesive tape. You will need to remove the backing of the tape so that the sticky side is showing. You will then start to attach it along the lines you drew where the screen will hang. Make sure not cut too big of pieces, preferably about a foot at a time, in order to make sure it is manageable.
  • Cure Tape: Once the tape has been applied, it is recommended that you let it sit for 24 hours to ensure that it is securely attached. Some kits might even include waterproof screws or nails that you can screw or hammer directly into the tape to secure it. If not, they just make sure to let the tape sit for a day so you do not have to worry about your screen ever falling down.
  • Attach Screen: Once you have waited the recommended time length, you will once again unroll the screen. You can then start pressing the screen to the adhesive tape until it is completely attached.
  • As you can see, garage door screens are very easy to install yourself. They are great if you have an office or work bench in your garage that you use on a consistent basis. It lets all the great things in such as light and air and keeps all the bad things out like insects.